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Data Center Solutions

The process of deploying a data center for your organization includes:

Requirement Analysis
The requirement analysis phase involves determining the exact type of Data Center required for your business with regard to budget, computing power, storage capacities etc. 

After the requirement analysis phase is the deployment phase in which we actually deploy the Data Center. We maintain the Data Center, provide recovery in case of a disaster and secure your Data Center from external and internal threats.

Network Solutions

  • Network Solutions Routing & Switching
  • Network Security
  • VOIP
  • Wireless – WAN 
  • Data Center
  • Integration & Deployment Services
  • Specialized Network Integration Support

Server & Storage Solutions

  • Document Management
  • Rack Mount & Tower Servers
  • Full Back & Recovery
  • Archiving
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure Consolidation & Optimization

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